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Items for SALE by Departing Hellenes Students
Pan Hellenic Students Association of Chicago -

Every student that comes in Chicago from Greece, or Cyprus, or even a Greek American Student that leaves home to study face more or less the same problem:
- "How, and WHERE do I get CHEAP stuff to begin filling my new residence???"

The prices of furniture and of other apparels are always high. So why not network together for everybody's benefit? Students that are leaving from Chicago, and don't know what to do with their furniture, can advertise them for sale to new students arriving in Chicago. In this way departing students will get rid of their unwanted furniture at a reasonable price, whereas newly arrived students will not get ripped off buying necessary items (beds, desks, etc) at extraordinary prices from retail stores.

It has been estimated that during the 1st year students spend 5 times more that a "regular" year for these items. In this way we can all save money and it will be a win-win situation.

This listing, although incomplete and still at its infancy, brings the idea of ... well... circulation!!!
It consists of a trivial attempt to list
hardware/ software/ furniture/ cars and any other chattels that are for sale. If anybody is interest they can contact the offeror, OR send us an email at to post your own offer on this page.

Chicago Christian Industrial League
123 S. Green St. Chicago IL (GREEKTOWN) TEL: 312-421-0588
Buy and sell clothing, games, kitchen appliances (coffee makers, waffle irons, etc.), books, furniture, suitcases, bed frames and much more at this three-story Greektown resale shop. The Chicago Christian Industrial League resale shop is a good source for UIC students looking to stock an apartment on the cheap. If you're willing to face blaring Christian music, you'll find great deals on second-hand furniture, appliances and vintage clothing on three floors.


No. Item/ Description Condition Price Contact
1 3Com Ether-Link III
ISA Ethernet Adaptor
VGood $5 Christos Neophytou
2 IBM 1.2 GB HDD
8.5ms access time
VGood $5 Christos Neophytou
3 8x CD-ROM Drive VGood $2 Christos Neophytou
4 VIPER V770 2X/4x-AGP 32MB NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 Brand New $75 Charalambos Sophokleous
5 3Com EtherLink XL
PCI Ethernet Adaptor
Brand New $5 Christos Neophytou
6 NTSC Haupauge PCI TV and Radio Card V Good $5 Christos Neophytou
7 1998 Ford Explorer XLT, Red, 4.0L V6, 70K, A/C, Sunroof, CD changer, Brand New Tires Michelin LTX L/S, Leather Seats, Double Air-bags, Fully Loaded, Under Guarantee
V Good Lease
Christos Neophytou

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